In-depth Strategic Analysis

Solving your biggest problems : Creating your biggest opportunities
For your key strategic issues our Senior Research Directors will spend time in market familiarising themselves with your channels of distribution, your local and global competitors and – most importantly – your consumers.
We will work with your teams on the ground to build a comprehensive picture of your brands and products, your competitors and your consumers. Understanding the unique emotional journeys of consumers in this market with your products and with your competitors, how you are differentiated and how you can seek advantage.

We will give you a comprehensive picture of the direction and speed of market trends and movement and how your brand sits within it. We will give you clear and actionable recommendations for product development, positioning and communications (phased if necessary) for greater brand strength, market share growth and increased profitability.

The senior team that conducts the research will debrief face to face and work with your team in market (and at global HQ when required).