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How using emotions helped Nescafé beat the competition in the Philippines

If Nescafé was to maintain its dominance it had to deliver greater stimulation and pick-me-up values in some regions while, from the same formula, it had to deliver more warming, soothing, calming values in others. Read on

Understanding the story of your brand

In the same way that we understand our own relationships by understanding how they evolve, Brand Owners, also need to understand how the relationship between the consumer and the brand is created, how it evolves, builds and deepens – or disintegrates. Read on

What will be the outputs from the research?

The outputs will depend partly on the questions that you are asking and, even more particularly, on what we find out and how we think these findings will be best communicated to your team. Read on

Why do consumers buy competitor brands when ours win in preference testing?

 Consumers need to want your product, they need to believe that it will be better for them and for their family. Want and Belief are emotional, they are not rational. Read on

How can I predict future trends and get ahead of the competition?

Behind every trend are millions of individual consumer decisions. Very few of these decisions are momentous, even for that individual. They are just small individual decisions. Read on

Can we read Emotions in Facial Expressions?

Even when people are not trying to hide their emotions, reading their facial expressions is often quite misleading. We know that facial expressions can mislead us, so why is there a burgeoning research industry in using AI to read facial expressions? Read on

While efficacy is important, consumer belief in your brand is critical.

Invariably, due to factors that have nothing to do with the actual efficacy of the product, the consumer will form their opinion of its effectiveness according to their experience of use. Read on

So you think you understand your consumers’ emotions…?

If you wish to understand how your brand works, you need to understand how the communications and sensorial experience of your brand takes the consumer on an emotional journey. Read on

We think we’re in the driving seat when it comes to consumers’ emotions, and yet…

91% of motorists in the UK believe that they are above average drivers. Is there a similar statistic for Marketers? Read on

Cost of living crisis: how can I protect my brand from decline?

As consumers’ spending power decreases how will they react? We may see some brands doing very well even as their category suffers dramatic decline, while other brands experience calamitous declines out of all proportion to their category. Read on

Data vs Insight

Data tells us what is happening, while insights help us to understsand why and how we can leverage it to our advantage. Read on

Messy and fun – the way to insightful research with children.

Children have a surprisingly mature sense of their world. When given a real opportunity to express their own views and responses they can be very expressive. Read on