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Growing Brands in Declining Markets

Managing a brand in a growing market is easy. Growing sales, profitability and market share in a declining market is more difficult. This, however, is the challenge that will define the success, or otherwise, of many careers over the next few years. Read on

How to find “white space”? in the market

The opportunities for new or modified products that satisfy a new or unanswered consumer need is the aspiration of many brand owners. However, many of these “gaps” in the market turnout to be holes down which much time, effort, money, and careers disappear. Read on

Problems with on pack messaging? Then you need to understand this…

On-pack messaging is often our best opportunity to communicate with our consumers. But they never read the packs. They might not read them, but they believe that they are aware of what the pack is communicating. Sometimes, this impression coincides with what you are trying to communicate. But often it does not. Read on

Why is advertising missing the mark?

23 advertisements won awards at Cannes this year. System 1 ran these 23 against their data base of 80,000 ads and scored them an average of 2.1 out of 5 for potential to help build long-term growth based on the emotional response of viewers. 42% was a D grade when I was at School and never won any awards. Read on

Why Psychology is the key to getting your flavour right

When developing sugar free or plant-based alternatives every company does comparative taste tests. ”But are they asking the right questions? There must be something in the consumption experience of a reformulated product that reminds the consumer that this is a different product and confirms the choice that they are making. Read on

Getting emotional about plant-based

Plant based alternatives are getting better. But as this market expands, the winners will not be the quantifiably best products, they will be the products that trigger the best emotional responses in consumers. Those that identify the emotional drivers to create preference in the minds of consumers. Read on

Reformulating to Remove Sodium

Much has said about reducing our sodium intake and considerable time, energy and budget is being focused upon reducing the sodium content of processed foods and snacks, but are we getting any better at it? It is the consumers’ response to the change that is important not the change per se.  Read on

System 1 Thinking

The apparent simplicity and intuitive nature of Kahneman's System 1 & 2 Thinking has led to a degree of misunderstanding and oversimplification in much of the marketing discussion, thinking and action. All too often marketers believe that they are targeting consumers’ System 1 thinking while in fact they are targeting System 2. Read on

How can I improve flavour?

Everyone has an opinion! It needs to be sweeter, richer, have more depth of flavour? You end up with a compromise, to get the maximum likes and offending the fewest number of consumers. The result is a bland inoffensive product that does “quite well” but neither revolutionises the market nor makes a career for its creator. Read on

Is Veganuary sustainable?

1000’s of consumers are trying a vegan or veggie diet this January and 100’s of new vegan and vegetarian products and menus will be launched, but a very significant proportion of us will return to eating meat and animal products by mid-February. How do we encourage a greater commitment to eating less meat beyond January? Read on

How to Improve Consumer Preference

Consumer preference can be so elusive. They choose your brand today then a competitor launches something a little different and off they go. But there is a better way. Read on

Think and act Emotionally, not Logically

Sales are falling, your market share is shrinking. The problem is easy to identify, but the solution does not seem to be quite as straight forward. Read on