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Understanding Consumers’ Stories

To truly understand how your consumers relate to your brand you may need to think about it differently. Their current relationship with your brand cannot be viewed in isolation. Relationships evolve over time and their strength and character now is shaped by that evolution. Read on

How to maximise the uniqueness of your brand

What actually differentiates your product, your brand, from its competition is how it makes your consumers feel. Read on

Why understanding consumers’? mood shift will protect you from competitors.

We love food and drink products because of the way they make us feel. We come back to certain products time and time again because we feel better after eating them than we did before. Read on

Are we at a crucial moment for plant-based & animal-free meat/dairy substitutes?

As excitement mounts about plant-based and animal-free products, I am also reading more and more articles arguing that consumers are not yet convinced. Is the media hype just wishful thinking from a progressive, vegan biased few, rather than a true sustainable market reality? Read on

Brands must be better at delivering Emotional Benefits not just promising them.

Brand owners need to step up their game and start to deliver the psychological benefits that their advertising has, for years, been promising Read on

Aromas Flavours and Emotional Responses

When strong links exist between certain aromas and flavours and the emotions that they trigger, sometimes these links do not work in the way that we would like them to. Sometimes we need to find ways to break or retune the link. Read on

Managing a heritage brand: How to keep it relevant…

Managing heritage brands, in todays’ fast moving markets is not easy. But it can be done very effectively and with outstanding results. It starts with understanding the consumers’ emotional journey with your brand. Once you understand this emotional journey you will have the secret to stay ahead of the competition. Read on

How can I differentiate my brand from the competition?

Understanding the consumers’ emotional journeys helps us to understand how and why they react as they do. While trying to understand their rational thought process is impossible because, in truth, it does not exist. Read on

How do I find out what’s the best flavour?

When launching a new or modified product, it is generally targeting a slightly different niche in the market. Traditional research may tell us that consumers want these products to taste the same as the product that it is replacing, but that is just a reflection of how little consumers know about themselves and a major weakness of traditional research. Read on

How using emotions helped Nescafé beat the competition in the Philippines

If Nescafé was to maintain its dominance it had to deliver greater stimulation and pick-me-up values in some regions while, from the same formula, it had to deliver more warming, soothing, calming values in others. Read on

Understanding the story of your brand

In the same way that we understand our own relationships by understanding how they evolve, Brand Owners, also need to understand how the relationship between the consumer and the brand is created, how it evolves, builds and deepens – or disintegrates. Read on

What will be the outputs from the research?

The outputs will depend partly on the questions that you are asking and, even more particularly, on what we find out and how we think these findings will be best communicated to your team. Read on