Delivering Preference: The Power of the Emotions

Liking is an emotional response.

Consumers are very poor at expressing what they mean when they say they “like” something or why they like it. It is like asking someone what Coca Cola tastes like – “well, it tastes like coke”.

However, when you deconstruct the emotional journey that leads to “liking” and the important communication, sensorial, experiential cues that prompt liking and preference, then you can really understand what it is about your product that engenders affection, repeat usage and advocacy and how these can be improved or replicated elsewhere.

Consumer Psychologists

At the Marketing Clinic we are Consumer Psychologists. We start by understanding the consumers’ emotional involvement with the product, how it makes them feel, which are the good emotional responses and which responses are less desirable.

We then understand how the product or brand affects the emotional response. We understand which tiny aspects of the experience prompt specific emotional responses and why.

We are then able to make clear and actionable recommendations for positioning and communications as well as very precise product recommendations to give our clients experiences that their consumers love delivered by products they are loyal to, return to regularly and recommend to their friends.

“I have been working with the Marketing Clinic in the Philippines, Pakistan and across East and Southern Africa. Not only did their work help us make product improvements, but their insights into the consumer emotional journey & experience helped us improve our communications as well…

… you always delivered excellent work, I have no hesitation endorsing you!”

Bruno Olierhoek, CEO and Chairman Nestlé East and Southern Africa.