Global Reach

Emotional responses are culturally driven. The way that consumers respond to a product in the USA is not necessarily the same as the way they respond in India. The emotional outtake sought by the consumer from the same product will often be different in China from that in Germany. The way consumers in The Philippines respond to a particular taste or texture may be completely different from the way they respond in Mexico.

We have experience in markets around the world tailoring global brands to specific markets and in developing products and/or messages that work across a number of markets. We have a network of associates for operational and logistical support in markets throughout the world, but always conduct the crucial research ourselves wherever our clients ask us to be.

“The Marketing Clinic supported us on an extremely critical project. We had a difficult mission to understand common drivers of preference across a number of very diverse and challenging geographies.

Due to their personal involvement on the project beginning to end not only where they able to identify what united these markets but they managed to encapsulate the cultural nuances of each nation to allow us to better capture the underlying opportunity. ”

Salomé Azevedo – F&B Marketing Manager
Nestlé – East & Southern Africa Region