All Businesses have Consumers

It is by understanding consumers better that we help our clients Deliver Preference for their brands, products and services. Preference is delivered by understanding far, far better the current consumer, the lost consumer and the potential new consumer.

That is why we have a unique set of tools and techniques that does just that

  1. Decode the consumer
  2. Decipher the consumer experience
  3. Deliver enhanced product, range and/or messages to increase the desire, maximise the delight and build the demand for more.

Understanding Consumers – In What Way?

What their motivations and desires are, how they change and how your brand, product or service either exceeds those desires (hence setting the consumer on the path of loyalty) or disappoints (hence setting the consumer onto the path of your competition!)
It sounds that simple – because the concept is really easy to grasp.

The challenge comes in being able to identify the sequence, the hierarchy and the significance of the triggers and the moods and that requires our knowledge, skills and techniques.

“I always enjoy working with The Marketing Clinic. Their methodology and approach to the studies are not the typical run-of-the-mill qualitative studies. They provide deep, insightful and clear product experience journeys which helped us to understand the functional and emotional needs of our consumers each step of the way. Chris and Caroline are very experienced, hands-on and flexible to really address the client’s business questions at hand.”

Kathy Mendoza, CTI Consumer Innovation Science GSK. Singapore